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Welcome To Techno Arab's Site

Here in this site we offer a very special services that you won't find in many other sites how ever you searched for it because it's not requested from many people and here we offer alot of electronical and technological services and our prices are cheap.
Here in this site will help you if you are content creator or youtuber or gamer or someone needs technical or online job .if you are any one of those who i just said so this site is sure for you
Here in the site we offer some services like Photo editing ,video editing , graphic animation,effects, graphic design, also web design ,you will find many details about that when you scroll down in the site.

Services That we offer

  • Photo Editing
  • Video Editing
  • Web Designing
  • Graphic designing
  • Photographing
  • We don't have any other services but we are working on it to offer more..

Our Team

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Omar Hamed

Web Designer,Graphic Designer

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Mazen Mohsen

Web Designer,Photo Editor ,Video Editor

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Mohammed Osama

Photo Editor,Video Editor

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Youssef Ashraf

Photo Editor,Video Editor

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Youssef Mohammed

Photo Editor,Video Editor

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  • Simple Photo Editing:10L.E/Picture
  • Professional Photo Editing:35L.E/Picture
  • Editing Video Less than 10 mins:25L.E/Video
  • Editing Video More than 10mins:50L.E/Video
  • ٍSocial Media Design:100L.E/Design
  • Logo Design:500L.E/Design
  • Logo And presentation design:1200L.E/Design
  • Personal Card Design:200L.E/Design
  • Flyer Design:250L.E/Design
  • Simple Web Designing:300L.E/Page
  • Semi professional Web Designing:500L.E/Page
  • Professional Web Designing:1000L.E/Page
  • Simple Audio Editing:20L.E/Track
  • Photographing without editing:10L.E/image
  • Photographing with editing:20L.E/image
  • Note:200L.E is added to all web designing prices if the site had domain name (.com)
  • Note:if any one of our team is hired to work for a certain time not for a certain job
    so his minimum monthly salary is 1500L.E

Payment Methods

  • Vodafone Cash
  • Paypal
  • No more payment methods are available but we are working on it to offer more..

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Working With Us

If you think that you have any of the following skills and you want to use it in a useful way and earn money from it click the button below
  • Photo editing
  • Video editing
  • Graphic design
  • Audio editing
  • Web designing
  • Web developing
  • Photographing

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